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«Biokompleks» improved Diesel Pumping Unit for «AGRITECHNICA-2019»

«Biokompleks» improved Diesel Pumping Unit for «AGRITECHNICA-2019» 

(Exhibition report) 

The International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery «AGRITECHNICA — 2019» was held in Hannover from 10th till 16th November, which brought together about 3000 participants from more than 50 countries.

The main thematic trends of the exhibition were concern for the environment, maintaining a favorable environmental situation, technical innovations and technological solutions to improve the work of agricultural enterprises of any format.

At “Agritechnika – 2019” Biokompleks presented drag hose systems for liquid manure ore digestate transport. Diesel Pumping Unit with its own options installed on a car trailer was presented to the international community. Additional functions allow you to control DPU key parameters from the tractor cab in real time, reduce flow risks during the movement or forced stops, avoid accidents due to blockages or lack of incoming liquid, work at night, provide the sanitary safety of employees.

Cost reduction of agricultural production is a general trend of world agricultural markets, – said Sergey Peregudov, Head of Company Groups “Biokompleks”. Organic matter application in the fields allows to reduce mineral fertilizers and increase crop yields. In this case the application method is no less important. In comparison with traditional tank application the usage of drag hose system allows to increase productivity 5 times. Investments in drag hose system are comparable to the price of 2 tanks. Our experience, knowledge and positive feedback from our customers confirm, that Drag hose systems of Biokompleks are a modern, effective and environmentally friendly tool for cost reduction. It is a tool which doesn`t cause trouble, saves money, resolves problems in manure pumping and helps to concentrate on “milk yield”, “gain”, “germination” and other no less important processes. It is worthy of note that increased interest in our technical solutions and approach to project implementation was fixed at «AGRITECHNICA-2019».

Выставка AGRITECHNICA-2019-Ганновер - Стенд Биокомплекс

Выставка AGRITECHNICA-2019-Ганновер-ДНС-биокомплекс

Выставка AGRITECHNICA-2019-Ганновер-Менеджер показывает ДНС клиенту

Выставка AGRITECHNICA-2019-Ганновер-демонстрация шлангов и муфт

Выставка AGRITECHNICA-2019-Ганновер-Менеджер рассказывает о уникальный системе удаленного управления

Выставка AGRITECHNICA-2019-Ганновер-Днс и шланги, муфты


BIOKOMPLEKS – is production and engineering company. Since 2002 the company develops and implements effective solutions and technologies for waste processing and recycling from livestock enterprises, processors, and food producers. Biokompleks is member of the national Union of Milk Producers and National Unit of Pig Breeders. The main directions of the company activity: drag hose system, irrigation systems, solutions for manure and food waste processing



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