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Biokompleks LLC Company

Biokompleks since 2003 has been specializing in producing and supplying of the equipment for manure and other agricultural wastes processing.

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Biokompleks fulfills the whole list of engineering services:

  • development of technological solutions for systems of
  • recycling and disposal of manure and waste;
  • detailed design;
  • supply of equipment from its warehouses in Moscow and Krasnodar;
  • installation and commissioning of equipment in all regions of Russia and CIS;
  • warranty, service and repair of equipment;
  • supply of spare parts from stock within 24 hours.

Sales Office and main Warehouse of Biokompleks are situated in Moscow


Biokompleks benefits:

  • Participation in exhibitions, research and publishing of analytical articles and extensive promotional activities provide of the growing demand for its products.
  • Biokompleks is constantly developing new types of equipment and is expanding the range of products

Main assortment:

  • Pump, mixing equipment and separators;
  • Hose and sprinkling systems for manure application and irrigation;
  • Bioreactors for solid fraction processing into cow bedding;
  • Wastes processing into feed additives


Our contacts

+7 (495) 287-45-88



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