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Mobile buffer tanks

In February 2019 Biokompleks company specialists visited the facility of Schneider Landwirtschaft (Germany) to demonstrate the hose system to our clients.

Bewegliche Puffertanks

Mobile buffer tanks (frac tanks)

Mobile buffer tanks (frac tanks) are used to transport large amounts of manure to distant fields with access restricted by various obstacles preventing laying of hose lines such as motor roads, railways etc. Besides, use of buffer tanks is feasible when using tractor tankers is not economically viable (due to their slow travelling speed).

If necessary the tanks can be provided with inside epoxy coating (to prevent corrosion and formation of deposits on the walls), various types of towing couplers (for use with certain vehicles), wheels for use on swamp or soft soil, pumps to facilitate and accelerate unloading of manure from the tankers into the tanks etc.

Передвижные буферные резервуары (frac tank)

The procedure for manure application using mobile buffer tanks is as follows:

  1. The tank is installed at the edge of the field or some other easily accessible place.
  2. The tanks are filled by means of road tankers which make it possible:
  • to transport large amounts of liquid manure at high travelling speed;
  • to transport the manure by public roads.
  1. The manure is pumped out from the tank by diesel pump stations
  2. A hose system, usually of a small size, is used for on-field application.

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