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Today, intensive development of plant cultivation is impossible without the use of organic fertilizers on fields. Their effective utilization ensures significant cost savings when purchasing mineral fertilizers for cultivation of agricultural crops.

Liquid manure is a valuable organic fertilizer. It is unique because of its special features based on a high fluidity due to high moisture content. Profitability of plant cultivation depends directly on the efficiency of the system for application of liquid organic fertilizers.

шланговые системы


A modern system for application of organic fertilizers should ensure the following requirements:

  • Minimum costs of application;
  • Ease of day-to-day operation;
  • High efficiency and productivity;
  • Maximum operational reliability.

Biokompleks offers highly productive and economical drag hose systems and sprinkling machines for application of liquid organic fertilizers on fields.

 Distinctive features of drag hose systems:

  • High application efficiency — usually from 100 — 450 m3/hour and longer;
  • Minimum labour and gasoline & oil inputs;
  • Pumping distance of one pumping station is up to 6,500 meters and longer when utilizing an additional booster station;
  • Fast reel-out and reel-in of hose lines due to utilizing of lay-flat hoses and special hose reels, with minimum involvement of labour power and equipment;
  • Simplicity of operation and service.

шланговые системы

Drag hose system operation principle

The main hose is laid along the planned route by hose transporters, directly from the manure storage to the center of the field planned for manure application. The main hose is then connected to the drag hose by means of a quick-release coupling. The other end of the drag hose is attached to the applicator for manure application. The applicator is then dragged by a tractor along the field in a shuttle-like trajectory. The hose is dragged on the ground behind the applicator until the entire area of the field is covered. When the work is complete, the remaining liquid manure is cleaned from the hoses by an elastic ball that is pulled along the entire length of the hose with compressed air from the compressor. The cleaned hoses are reeled on a hose reel.

Structure and components of the system

Pumping station

We offer a wide range of pumping stations with various productivities:

  1. High-power diesel station (250 — 400 h.p.);
  2. Medium-power diesel station (100 — 225 h.p.);
  3. Medium-power diesel station with PTO drive

There are following options for the diesel pumping station

  • Compressor for cleaning the hoses, driven by diesel engine hydraulics;
  • Hydraulic telescopic 11m long boom for raising and lowering of submersible hydraulic pump for pumping slurry out of the lagoon;
  • Additional submersible hydraulic pump with chopping mechanism for pumping slurry out of the lagoons;
  • Bracket for fixing the intake hose.

Компрессор для очистки шлангов. Дизельная станция. Биокомплекс. Шланговая системакомпрессор. Биокомплекс. дизельный двигатель. щланговая система

Complete set of hoses and couplings

  • Main hose — superstrong, in 200 m long pieces.

 Магистральный шланг. Плоскосворачиваемые шланги. Шланговые системы. Биокомплекс. 

The hoses are manufactured from a mix of nitrile rubber, polyvinylchloride, and «UV barrier» for protection from solar radiation. The rubber mix is extruded onto a round framework woven from polyester yarns. Such manufacturing method ensures a very strong adhesion between the covering layer and the internal layer and also reliable covering of the reinforcing polyester. The hoses are highly resistant against chemical substances usually utilized in agriculture. Due to the internal woven framework, the hoses do not stretch. For the same reason, they possess a high pressure-to-wall-thickness ratio.

Their internal surface is extremely smooth that reduces pressure loss inside of the hose. The special design of the hoses ensures large bending radii even at sharp curves that reduces the risk of twisting and excessive bending of the hoses during operation.

The hoses can be operated at a temperature from -30°C to +75°C, with a temperature jump to +80°C.

  • Drag hose, in 200m long pieces

Буксируемый шланг.Плоскосворачиваемые шланги. Биокомплекс.

The hose is intended for use as a drag hose in drag hose systems. It is lightweight and abrasion-resistant. The hose is designed for most modern drag hose systems utilized for transportation of slurry and manure as fertilizers to agricultural fields. This hose is designed to be used in conditions of high tension and abrasion. Its external TPU (Thermoplastic Polyurethane) coating possesses an abrasion resistance which is 4 — 5 times higher than one of the usually used rubber. The ultimate tensile strength is increased considerably so that the hoses can withstand high tension loads. Besides, the internal surface is very smooth that reduces pressure loss inside of the hose. The special design of the hoses ensures large bending radii even at sharp curves that reduces the risk of twisting and excessive bending of the hoses during operation.

  • Hose couplings

For connecting the hoses, simple and very reliable couplings are used.

The couplings are manufactured from an aluminum alloy and have a special lock connection system for quick assembling of the drag hose system. Operating pressure is up to 18 atm. Due to protecting coating, the hoses are highly abrasion and corrosion resistant.

Соединительные муфты. Биокомплекс. Шланговые системы.Соедининительные муфты. Шланговые соединения. Биокомплекс.

Due to a free 360 degrees rotation of connected couplings, the hoses are not twisted during system operation (under pressure).

Hydraulic-driven hose reels

Trailed hose reel, reinforced, with hydraulic drive and hydraulic system for even reeling in.

shlangovie-sistemi-4 Катушка-транспортировщик. Биокомплекс. Плоскосворачиваемые шланги.

Hose reels are intended for storage, transportation, and laying of hoses along the hose line. There are mounted and trailed hose reels:

  • Trailed hose reels with capacity from 1200 m to 3000 m of hose;
  • Mounted hose reels with capacity from 200 m to 1600 m of hose.

Application systems: injectors, applicators and sprinkling machines

For uniform application of manure on a field, four types of application systems are used:

  • injector for incorporation of manure into the soil;
  • sprinkler for surface application;
  • multi-hose distributor;
  • self-moving sprinkling machine.

Sprinkler for surface application is utilized most often for application of liquid manure fraction.

Биокомплекс. Система переработки и утилизации навоза и органических отходов. Внесение навоза в поля. Шланги, сепаратор, мешалки для навоза.

Injector allows incorporation of manure into the soil during the application that makes it an indispensable tool for application of non-separated manure.


There are injectors with the following application width: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 m.

Duckfoot tine injectors open a horizontal opening under the soil surface at a depth of about 10 — 15 cm that allows application of manure along the full width of the tine. The tine width is usually 30 cm.

инжекторы для внесения навоза

Инжектор. внесение навоза на поля. Биокомплекс.


Sprinklers for surface application are divided into 2 types:

  • Splash plate sprinklers are utilized usually in medium-power systems as the quantity of splash plates is limited to 2 pcs.

Биокомплекс. Система переработки и утилизации навоза и органических отходов. Внесение навоза в поля. Шланги, сепаратор, мешалки для навоза.

  • Wide low-profile sprinklers. Such sprinklers are highly productive, have a large effective width (12m) and apply manure through several (12 pcs) plates located low above the ground for decreasing odour and nitrogen and ammonia loss.


Important! Low-profile sprinkler allows operation even at a very low pressure that enables pumping of manure at longer distances.

Dribble bar multi-hose distributors

Dribble bar multi-hose distributors for low-profile application ensure uniform surface application of manure in a root zone with the effective width from 6 to 24 m.



Hose humper

Hose humper is an important element of a drag hose system as it ensures moving of the hoses to the neighbouring field plots without interruption of the pumping that increases the actual productivity of the system considerably!

It is known that the main hoses cannot be towed without cleaning them beforehand from the manure as their material is not designed for moving of a heavy hose with manure even on a soft ground. Therefore, in case of drag hose systems without a hose humper, supplied by competitors, it is first necessary to blow through the hose part which will be moved, to reel it onto a hose reel and, only after that, to lay the hose on the next plot of the field. In drag hose systems from Biokompleks, the hose humper allows to avoid loss of time for performing of this operation.


Биокомплекс. Система переработки и утилизации навоза и органических отходов. Внесение навоза в поля. Шланги, сепаратор, мешалки для навоза.

to the use of the hose humper, the labor utilization rate for main components of the drag hose system is 0.9, while in the hose systems without a hose humper it is equal to 0.7 because it is necessity to blow through the part of the system, moved to the neighbouring plot of the field.

Air compressor

For blowing through the hoses by compressed air to clean them from remaining liquid manure before reeling them onto a hose reel, mobile air compressor driven by PTO, diesel engine or tractor’s hydraulics is used.

Биокомплекс. Система переработки и утилизации навоза и органических отходов. Внесение навоза в поля. Шланги, сепаратор, мешалки для навоза.


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